Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Our Menu

Roseangle Cafe Arts      
at The Bridge


                                Toast with jam/ marmalade/                     £1.00
                                heather honey (30p extra)/ nutella

                                Breakfast muesli                                             £1.10

                                Smoked salmon and scrambled                 £2.95
                                egg on warm bagel

                                Arbroath Smokie on toast                          £3.45

                                Homemade soup of the day                         £2.50
                                with homemade roll

                               Smoked salmon and cream cheese
                               on warm bagel                                                 £2.95

                                Homemade cheese scone with cream     £1.60
                                cheese and tomato

                                Cold sandwiches- honey roast ham and tomato chutney,
                                tuna mayo, egg mayo, roast chicken and pesto,
                                cheese and tomato                                         £2.95

                                (All sandwiches come with a fresh side salad.)

                                Baked potato with choice of fillings-    £3.25
Cheese and chutney/
coronation chicken/
tuna mayo/ egg mayo

                                Toasties- 2 of the following                       £2.95
     Cheese, ham, chicken, tomato/onion chutney
                                 (with a fresh side salad)

--------------------------------------------Soup and a sandwich deal---------------------------------------

Bowl of soup with any cold sandwich

All cakes/ traybakes are priced at the counter

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