Thursday, 30 September 2010

Roseangle Cafe Arts on Hermes:


Hermes II
Barbara Robertson Exhibition @ Roseangle Cafe Arts

Roseangle Cafe Arts

Dundee West Church has recently opened a Cafe and Art Gallery in the lower area of the Church.

We are extremely fortunate that our first Art Exhibition will be by local artist, Barbara Robertson, who specialises in linoleum cuts. The exhibition will run for two months from Friday 24 September.

The Cafe specialises in locally sourced products, including the delicious smokies, and the baking is home made - as is the soup. You can also enjoy a good cup of coffee - or whatever other beverage you prefer - served in friendly and tasteful surroundings.

Entry is by the door in Roseangle opposite Laing's and the Cafe is open Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Like Boys- lovely cafe review on Facebook

"Wondrous, wondrous! At last dundee has a daytime eatery of style, of creativity and of charm. tucked away at the top of roseangle and opposite laings, this really is a perfect spot to enjoy lovely coffee with lunch, perhaps indulge in a slice of courgette cake, take in an exhibition in the adjoining gallery or simply while away the hours to the sounds of roxy music and orange juice. oh, and there's even a selection of great craft items for sale! open mon-thur, 10-4. like boys loves RCA x"

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We're doing our bit

Roseangle Cafe Arts
at The Bridge

  • Our Vegetables are locally sourced where possible
  • All of our eggs are free range
  • We recycle our bottles, paper, cans and even our coffee grounds
  • Our Traidcraft goods provide a better deal for producers in developing countries
  • Our smokies are delivered fresh from Arbroath
  • All of our soup rolls, cakes, traybakes and biscuits are homemade
  • We give 50% of all book sales to Clic Sargent- caring for children with cancer
  • We use branded Rainforest Alliance coffee beans by Cafe Trevetti
  • We aim to grow our own vegetables and herbs in the garden
  • We support local craft. If you make anything why not bring it in and sell it on the premises?

We're doing our bit.

Are you?

Our Menu

Roseangle Cafe Arts      
at The Bridge


                                Toast with jam/ marmalade/                     £1.00
                                heather honey (30p extra)/ nutella

                                Breakfast muesli                                             £1.10

                                Smoked salmon and scrambled                 £2.95
                                egg on warm bagel

                                Arbroath Smokie on toast                          £3.45

                                Homemade soup of the day                         £2.50
                                with homemade roll

                               Smoked salmon and cream cheese
                               on warm bagel                                                 £2.95

                                Homemade cheese scone with cream     £1.60
                                cheese and tomato

                                Cold sandwiches- honey roast ham and tomato chutney,
                                tuna mayo, egg mayo, roast chicken and pesto,
                                cheese and tomato                                         £2.95

                                (All sandwiches come with a fresh side salad.)

                                Baked potato with choice of fillings-    £3.25
Cheese and chutney/
coronation chicken/
tuna mayo/ egg mayo

                                Toasties- 2 of the following                       £2.95
     Cheese, ham, chicken, tomato/onion chutney
                                 (with a fresh side salad)

--------------------------------------------Soup and a sandwich deal---------------------------------------

Bowl of soup with any cold sandwich

All cakes/ traybakes are priced at the counter

Roseangle Cafe Arts at The Bridge

Welcome to our official blog! We are situated in the basement of Dundee West Church, 130 Perth Road (entrance across form Laings bar.) For those who have visited- we hope you enjoyed the experience and for those who haven't.... do come in and see us! We are open Monday-Thursday from 10am til 4pm and on Fridays from 1pm til 4pm due to the church Healthy Cooking Initiative upstairs (Perth Road entrance.)

Our menu is locally sourced where possible and we ALWAYS use local free range eggs. Our soup rolls are home-made along with all of our cakes, traybakes and biscuits.

We even have our own gallery! Our latest exhibition is titled NO SURRENDER by local printmaker Barbara Robertson and we will be looking to exhibit many more local established and emerging artists. We also stock lots of locally made craft items such as aprons, brooches, teacups, wooly hats and scarfs (to name but a few.)

We are glad to be here and we hope that you will come in for a visit soon:)